Some Secrets are Meant to be Shared

IBM had a huge sales meeting in Las Vegas. Our mission, if we decided to accept it, was to make a short film, integrated with live action, to open the event and create excitement – to set the tone. We accepted.



Screened at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, our short film is centered around the mysterious contents inside a briefcase. We cast WebSphere executives for all the roles, believing this would engage the 5000 IBM employees in the audience. And it really did. They were thrilled to see their bosses on the big screen.

“BigWork understood the importance of this first time ever event. They produced a great movie on time and on budget. Their idea of integrating the live presentation with the video was a great idea and a huge success.”

Larry Barrato – IBM Project Manager


The 10-minute featurette was integrated into the live event by having the lead actor come on stage in full costume. Cue lights, cue music. He opens the case, a featured prop, to reveal the mysterious contents – the successful year-end sales figures. The end credits roll and the IBMers go wild. End scene.