Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions, Opinions, Silliness and Promises

We work best when working with smart people, but we make exceptions all the time.

We make corporate videos that don’t suck.

We’ve been known to work while other people are sleeping.

Comfortable shoes usually feel best.

We prefer to be paid in a timely manner.
(Never been an issue, sorry we brought it up.)

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Picasso

It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it. (We stole that line.)

We abide by alternate side of the street parking rules.

We habitually want as much detail and background info that we can get, much to the annoyance of some clients, that is, until they see the end project.

Dogs are better than cats.

Dim sum makes the pain go away.

If we can’t figure it out we definitely know someone who can.

The work that we’re proudest of is being created right now.

We would like to be able to work more often from a beach, but that would require a super long extension cord.

Is it possible to be too committed to a client or a project? Nah.

Film or HD video? Doesn’t really matter so long as it fits the project.

Technology is a juice that fuels us.

But seriously now folks – our work ethic out paces your expectations and we promise to treat your project with our full attention. With BigWork you don’t get our “B” team. You get an experienced team that knows our job is to make your project perfect.

That is our promise to you.

Let’s do some bigwork together.